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5199631247 / 519-963-1247 Phone Number Reverse Lookup
Phone Owner Unknown
Caller ID N/A
Caller Type Prank Caller
Type of Phone N/A
Carrier Allstream corp.
City London
State Ontario
County N/A
County Population N/A
Local Timezone N/A
User Reports
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Posted: 28th Mar, 2013 by Martin
yeagh, but actually do something about it, please. They wouldn't do it if they didn't have a LINE TO HIDE BEHIND. For some reason, this has really pissed me off today, I{m surprised I didn't even profane, so at least I have self-control. Should not have to UNPLUG My Phone due to assholes and bitches, illegal scum, living in some tenement building smoked up on crack and mephetamines, with nothing better to do than scam and/or annoy people. And I'm paying my stupid phone provider for this?? Seriously, do something and make some arrests, please after you figure out the various combinations and whether it's stupid kids, gangs, "white collar " crime. Ok, feel better. pRank caller,?? who knows And don't send me any email UNLESS it's something honest, pleaaaasee, no offense. Are you affiliated with "phone busters"????
Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 28th Mar, 2013 by Martin
Four times, FOUR TIMES!!! Today, on the 29th. Will police < POLICE STEP IN AND STOP THIS!!! Sorry, a bit angry right now. I called back, no preamble, I told them "stop calling, this is harassment. I am putting you on call block" had to hang up before I said something i might regret, even though they're obviously scammers. {irregular phone ring, constant times, no NO MESSAGE, if you're legit you at leas t leave a message AND call no more than two, maybe times three in a week} Lady answers, DOSN't SAY WHO THEY REPRESENT, " Well, hello, to you to." I am calling phone busters, but need church right now to just not get angry at idiots in this world!!! NO offense, BUT IS THIS THING EVEN LEGIT??? NOT BE PARANOID, But seriously People.
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Phone number variations : 5199631247 - 519 963 1247 - 15199631247